Nose Fun

Nose Fun Class Begins 6/18/24 (6 weeks) $175.00

There is a relatively new dog sport called K9 Nose Work (also called: Fun Nose Work, Scent Work, or Search work). This sport was inspired by professional search and rescue training. Nose work enables your dog to use their natural hunting drive and sensitive nose in a constructive, rewarding way. It begins with looking for a treat or toy hidden in a box and over time we work up to searching entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles.

The advantage of taking a class that works with the nose is that virtually any dog can do it even if they are unable to do other dog activities due to age, physical limitations, lack of obedience, fear, or reactivity issues. It gives a good mental workout to the older dog that cannot do a lot physically. It can give a fearful dog confidence to explore the world. Dog-reactive dogs get to be in a class situation and be positively rewarded in the vicinity of other dogs. The dogs do not interact in class as only one dog goes at a time.

In class, the first step will be to build the dog's desire to hunt. We positively reinforce their behavior as we learn to read the dog's behavior and their communication signals. Next, we add different settings and change where the treat will be. As the dog's confidence grows, we start using an essential oil as the target to search for. Once they are searching well with that scent, we have two more for them to learn. As the training advances, the search scenarios will increase in difficulty.

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