Let your dog partake in some of our fun activities

We've got lots of fun things for your furry companions to do while they spend the day with us, like hiking and swimming. You also have the option of scheduling a bath for them. While they're here, you can rest assured that they'll have lots of opportunities for socialization and interaction.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to give your dog a day filled with fun, socialization, and exercise. Give Animal Friends' Pampered Paws a call today to learn more about our local dog day care.

À la carte Day Care Add-ons

Activities we can provide include:
puzzles, training, small group play with Animal Friends Pampered Paws team members, hikes, etc.

Swimming: $26/30min
A dip in the pool, alone or with a Friend

Doggie Daycare: $12/day
Get guaranteed group-playtime.

(Must pass an evaluation.)

Premium Bed: $6/night
A cushy, raised bed.

Kitty Exploration: $10/day
Outside time in a screened-in outdoor porch to
watch birds and dogs.

Kitty Kuddle: $10/day
Lap and brush time with an AFPP Team-member

Hike: $16/mile
Take a walk and enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful farm!

Stuffed Kong: $6/per Kong
Mashed Potato and Peanut Butter Kong!

(Seasonal dinner variants and holiday kongs available for Holidays.)

Nail Grind : $22
Nail Clip: $16
Bath: Starts at $25

Price varies according to size and hair length.