Our Team



Beth, Owner, has worked with rescues, shelters and kennels for 20+ years and created her own rescue, Animal Friends - VA, in 2015. She has two grown children (a veterinarian and a Social Worker) and an MBA in Business. She grew up with animals and has always loved caring for them. Her passion is the rescue and her love for animals.



Melanie, Owner, is a community based mental health worker. Her love for animals started a few years ago when she became a foster mom. Melanie is deeply passionate about animals, as they hold a special place in her heart. Their unconditional love, loyalty, and unique personalities never fail to brighten her day. From the playful antics of dogs to the graceful movements of cats, each animal brings a sense of joy and wonder into my life. She strongly believe in the importance of protecting and caring for all animals-big and small, as they enrich our world in ways that are truly priceless. Melanie's love for animals motivates her to support and advocate for their well-being knowing that they deserve our respect, compassion, and understanding.



Rachel, Manager, has worked here for many years and absolutely adores her customers and their fur-babies. She has always had a passion for animals and loves interacting with their owners as well. She treats each pet she sees as her own and enjoys the unconditional love they give.


Kennel Attendant

Jazmyn, Kennel Attendant she loves animals because they give unconditional love no matter what. They don't judge based on appearance and think the world of their owners. They can always put a smile on my face and bring light to people's lives. I absolutely cannot live without my pets and adore taking care of our client's while they're away.


Kennel Attendant

Amanda, Kennel Attendant is a student at Longwood University and majoring in Biology. Amanda is very quiet, but don't let that fool you. She totally lights up when interacting with your pets. She loves dogs and really loves the kitties. During her school breaks she looks forward to all the activities our customers sign their pets up for, especially the kitty cuddle time. Amanda recently adopted a puppy from Animal Friends - VA and brings him to daycare when she's working. She's a great asset to our team!


Kennel Attendant

Sean, Kennel Attendant I'm one of the newest members of the pack and it's been nothing but amazing. I love spending time with the dogs out in the yard, it's always a fun time.


Kennel Attendant

Lilly, Kennel Attendant, is currently a student at George Mason University studying Social Work. She has a passion for working and building relationships with others, but this passion extends even further with her love for animals! Her passion for animals started when she was young. Growing up in Summerduck, she was exposed to all aspects of nature and a variety of animals. She's helped raise chickens, pigs, ducks, and other domesticated animals such as dogs and cats and small critters. Fun fact: Her favorite animal to work with and own is snakes, specifically ball pythons!



Vicky, Trainer is a certified dog trainer with over 15 years of experience in training and competitions. Come have some fun with your dog and lots of bonding time while working on a variety of training to include puppy kindergarten through advance obedience ... or choose from tricks to fitness and Canine Good Citizen (CGC). Not sure what your love enjoys, try out the mixed dog sports class and get exposure to a variety of dog sports like Rally, agility and training games.


Barn Hunt Trainer

Scott, Barn Hunt Trainer, Scott has been helping out and competing here in Barn Hunt for years. He recently brought Mattaponi Kennel Club to our facility and enjoys running our monthly run thru's, teaching private lessons and group classes as well. He competes with his dogs who have won many titles and he has taken over the lead for Barn Hunt here at Animal Friends' Pampered Paws.


Kennel Attendant

My passion for animals started as a child in Miami, with tadpoles, lizards, and snakes. I have had many animals in my life-time, dogs, cats, ponies, snakes, reptiles, toy breeds up through extra large breeds, birds and fish. My love grows even stronger, being able to work at Animal Friends' Pampered Paws and now I get to wake up every morning and enjoy my passion.


Kennel Attendant

My passion for animals has come from having a variety of animals growing up. My animals are my children with paws. All animals deserve to live a long, happy and healthy life. Everything I do has to do with helping them have the best life possible.


Kennel Attendant

My name is Aurelius and I'm currently a student at NOVA. I've always had a passion for animals and I'm hoping one day to become a veterinarian. I'm one of the newest employees here at Animal Friends' Pampered Paws and I love playing with the pups and the seniors too.


Barn Hunt and Nose Fun Trainer

Lisa, Barn Hunt and Nose Fun Trainer, Lisa teaches Barn Hunt and Nose Fun and has been at this location for many years. She loves her students and enjoys teaching the dogs to do what they are supposed to, follow their nose. Sign up for one of Lisa's classes, you'll have so much fun.


Grounds Maintenance

Evan is a graduate of Liberty High School and came to Animal Friends' Pampered Paws through the Special Education Department Training Program. Evan loves his dogs Sophie and Hank and also loves Charlie Brown and dinosaurs. Fun fact about Evan is that he speaks Spanish.